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• You can set style for template and activities, use style sheets where you can, it will set the whole thing much more easier then setting each field individually. When you want to overwrite a certain field, you can certainly do it for one locally.

• Importing data – order matters. Insert for dropdown, check box values first. Then import for the parent, then child. When you import from excel file, it may be errors pop up at the end, if some fields didn't import correctly, they won't show up in the dropdown or check box, just import the missing ones again.

• Don’t use Copy, Move feature unless it is absolute necessary. There are many stored procedures need to be updated in the back end, so using the move and copy is not a good practice. Especially when you copy or move a linked field, all the fields linked to it will be moved, that may cause a lot problems may be errors. Think ahead what you want is better.
Before using copy and move, use a backup first. The copy and move macro are for move instances, while the copy and move buttons in the toolbar are more for the table and instances.

• HelpDesk/Forum – post questions there to share

• Virtual breadcrumb: turn on before the launch so your users won't be confused with the location trial. But while configuration absolute path is better. It is for the users' convenience, you can turn it on in the licence management in admin panel.

• Make backup (with notes)!!
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