Is there a way for Interneer to display, or be aware of the day of the week, workday, or weekend?

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I am tracking the aging of each open (or "in progress") process by subtracting the start date/time from the current date/time so I can report upon this, but this value includes weekends. I don't see any way to have Interneer be aware of or display the day of the week so I can include statements or calculations to subtract the weekend days when they occur. I would like to be able to report aging for only workdays and not include weekends... are there any known tricks for doing this? Thanks.


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    What you can do it is to set up a counter and use scheduled macro to count the day slip for you. So in the scheduled macro, first you can set a date field to be current date, and specify "for the current date" , and expand the date field, if day of week is weekday. Set counter = counter + 1.


  • That is very close to what I tried to do, but it wasn't working for me so I figured there might be a more simple way. I created a dropdown register named "Day of the week" with all days of the week, and a number register named "Day Count" for counting the days of the week, then tried to use a macro to increment the days and assign the day of the week... as follows:

    Set [Day Count] To [Day Count] + 1
    If [Day Count] is greater than 7
    Set [Day Count] To 1
    If [Day Count] is 1
    Set [Day of the week:] To MON
    If [Day Count] is 2
    Set [Day of the week:] To TUE
    If [Day Count] is 3
    Set [Day of the week:] To WED
    If [Day Count] is 4
    Set [Day of the week:] To THU
    If [Day Count] is 5
    Set [Day of the week:] To FRI
    If [Day Count] is 6
    Set [Day of the week:] To SAT
    If [Day Count] is 7
    Set [Day of the week:] To SUN

    But, for some reason this does not work at all. When the macro is run it sets "Day Count" to 1 and sets "Day of the week" to SUN, and never changes from that no matter how many times it is run. Can you see what I might be doing wrong? I have tried many variations of this using If statements and Else statements and it just seems like the macro is not recognizing and following the logical statements. I did manage to get it to imcrement at one point, but then it would just keep on imcrementing to 8, 9, 10... and not paying any attention to my logical If statement setting it back to 1 if it exceedes 7. ???
  • Why do none of my If statements work? The following macro button increments Day Count and sets Hour Count to 0 every time no matter what???

    If [Hour Count] is greater than 9

    Set [Day Count] To [Day Count] + 1

    Set [Hour Count] To 0

    I have tried many different If statements and no matter what the conditions are set to Interneer does not care... what am I doing wrong???
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    When you expand the date field, you can specify to see if the day is a Monday or Tuesday or so. But to accomplish your configuration, we will need to know more in detail about the configuration.

    Could you contact Erika Fahey at [email protected]? She is our director of professional services and will explain to you how our process works.


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