What is Publish? What does it do? Best practices

In Intellect you have 3 sites; one design site; a testing site and; a production site. All three sites are connected through a publish relationship, which allows for the transfer of data and configuration from the design site which acts as the main workflow configuration hub to the other two sites. Only the designers and main administrators of the platform should have access to the design site and here's where the design of your apps and workflows occur. Once you're satisfied with the design of your apps, you then will publish to your testing site where you'll have a couple of test users go through different scenarios to make sure that the design of your applications is robust enough and is to your users' satisfaction. You will also mitigate the risk of any discrepancies for your end users by conducting thorough test cases. Once you're confident that the applications are ready for launch, you'll then perform a publish from your design site to your production site.

The Publish process is best performed after hours in order to not disturb the flow of operations. It's important to take database backups prior to proceeding with any publish effort and It's always a best practice to follow along the publish process in the error log in order to ensure that the process is moving forward as intended. To launch the error log please log in to the admin control panel, navigate to the site log tab and select the error log button.


  • aquzmaraquzmar Posts: 8

    Recommended setup of the publish environment:

    1. Backup Production and restore to Design site
    2. Activate Publish in License Management in the admin panel (if running v7)
    3. Test the Design site, if everything is working correctly after the activation. If so, then:
    4. Lock the production site and make a backup
    5. Activate publish in Production (No need for this if running on v8 and above as publish is already activated)
    6. Do another backup of Production (after activation) and restore to Design and Test
    7. Enable publish in Design and mark the site as design site
    8. Enable publish in Testing site and mark it as test, and provide url of Design site
    9. Test the publish from Design to Test
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