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How is External Data Source Tables (derive table) is updated when the original table in SQL server is changed

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  • nazeernazeer Posts: 6
    Hello rdrusko,
    Thanks for the reply, I found that when ever contents in the table in SQL server side is changed its reflected in External Data Source Table in Intellect. I also checked in admin the SYNC Button under Sync External Data Sources is visible.
    When I clicked on the SYNC button it open with Untitled IE page with the message Intellect and External data sources are already synced.

    I have not done anything with SYNC button, I have synced the External Data Source from External Data Sources option under Administrator from our Designer Intellect site.

    I hope once we create new External Data Sources under Administrator / External Data Sources its automatically synced with External table in SQL server.

    My question is how this Sync happens I am interested in knowing the backend process done by Intellect for sync with External data source.
  • nazeernazeer Posts: 6
    Hi Renata Drusko,

    Thanks a lot its very much help full for me.
    I have another query which is related to Language option in Intellect, I have posted the query yet to get the help, below is the query can you shed some light on my query regarding Language option in Intellect

    I have created a Drop Box in My App and Linked to Language drop drown under User in Administrator, this is done for the user to change the language, who have No privileges to access the whole Administrator User page.
    If I change the Language from the Drop Box in My App its updated in Language drop down under user in Administrator immediately.
    But changes happens i.e. Language is changed only after Logout and Login again for the particular user.
    Whether there is any option to update the language immediately if I change the language from the Drop Box created in My App.
  • nazeernazeer Posts: 6
    Hi Renata Drusko,

    For Language Option, Instead of Linking the Language Drop Down box, I have done the derived table of User only with Language drop down box visible for a particular user, with this option If I change the language, Language gets updated.
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