Creating Hidden Macros

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When configuring we find that it is often best practice to create hidden macros that can be call through a "run macro" within another step.
For instance, if one desires to have several configuration steps run within a next step macro, instead of configuring directly within that "on next step" macro, the run macro can be called. First, the designer would create a hidden category on the template level where it would contain fields and buttons to be hidden. Often times, we refer to these hidden sections as "admin tools". Inside this hidden category, the macro button with desired configuration would be designed.
This way the macro can be re-used, called on multiple instances, and can easily be referenced. This also can help prevent losing work or configuration. Instead of losing a long list of configuration due to a break or adding addition configuration to what already existed and finding out it did not work the way intended, one can easily retrieve the macro without losing the configuration.
It is a nice way to save your work (other than taking backups).
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