Enabling Publish for customers before v8

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The following applies only to customers who have a database from v6 or v7 and are upgrading to v8

-First lock production site
o This will put it in maintenance mode, so users cannot access it to enter in data
- Now, from the Admin Page, perform a backup of your production and design site
- Note: In the meantime Production should still be locked
- Have your three sites (design, testing, and production) prepared with the same app version and database version.
- Once this is established navigate to your Design site’s admin page and go to the Application tab.
o From here open the License Management.
- Click on Publish and the Activate DB link to activate the publish function (these options are found on the application version
- Repeat this step on all three of the site's admin panels
o Note: This activation is on the database level and not on the site level. Therefore, ensure that you already have a valid database.
- After this is completed, you should now have access to the Publish tab in your Admin Page.
- Navigate to the Publish tab and click on Enable, a site info pop-up window to set the site's roles will then appear.

Changes when activating Publish and DB:
- User group relations in the database structure will get modified in order to properly integrate publish. Once publish is activated you can find the user table in the ‘Administrator App’ while User Groups will be in the Designer Control Panel App. This distinction will provide you to create users in both sites independent from each other while using the same user group relations.
- Activating publish will generate a new App in the system, called Designer Control Panel along with a Designer user. The Designer user will have all the privileges for configurations and changes to the database. The Designer user will be the primary default user for the Intellect publish feature.
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